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Sarah Dillon



My work explores memory and change through imagery and the physical act of painting.  The surface aggressively develops, pulling at threads of setting, figure and narrative gleaned from old family photographs or current events. It ages. Intention and emotion scraped away to abstractly reveal painting action from below, obliterating what was present.  Fresh mark-making, born anew.

Place, as a multifaceted sensibility, can function as a catalyst for art-making that delves into the depths of self-reflection, social analysis, international issues, politics and history, and offers up an excellent conceptual basis for creativity as well as human interaction.  As a visual artist, it functions as the backbone of my work generally as I contemplate time, narrative, change and ultimately explore what it is to be where I am. 


I encourage self-reflection in life around us in effort to define or question our truth.



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